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The Rajasthan Studies Group is an informal group of scholars and others interested in Rajasthan. We are interdisciplinary, bringing together interests in Rajasthan history, culture, economy, politics, religion, ecology, art, performance, and other related areas.

The RSG is affiliated with the Association for Asian Studies. We hold business meeting in conjunction with the annual AAS meetings in March and at the time of the annual South Asia Conference in Madison, Wisconsin in October. The RSG is also linked to the Institute of Rajasthan Studies in Jaipur.

Past activities of the RSG have included organization of panels at the AAS meetings as well as the Madison South Asia Conference. We have supported publication of The Idea of Rajasthan (South Asia Publications, 1994), edited by RSG members Karine Schomer, Joan Erdman, Deryck Lodrick, and Lloyd Rudolph; the broad scope of the contents reflects the wide-ranging interests represented by the RSG. A first international conference on Rajasthan supported by the RSG in Jaipur in 1987 has been followed by three subsequent conferences organized by the Institute of Rajasthan Studies (IRS), in Udaipur in 1991 and Jaipur in 1994 and 2001. These conferences have been well attended and quite successful. Papers from the first three conferences have been published in three volumes by Rawat Publications, Jaipur: Folk, Faith and Feudalism (1995), Religion, Ritual and Royalty (1999), and Desert, Drought & Development (1999). Papers from the fourth conference have been published in two volumes:Culture, Communities and Change (Rawat, 2002) and Institutions and Change (Rawat, 2003).

Current RSG activities include the development of a project in support of the preservation of Rajasthan’s cultural and historical heritage.





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